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  • ECO-Slug C
  • Features
  • Eco-Slug is formulated with saponin extracted from the Tea tree.
    Tea saponin is a glycoside well known for its surfactant effect, demonstrating the ability to form foams and emulsions. Saponin derived from this source has insecticidal, slugicidal, and fungicidal properties. It is also effective against worms.

    100% plant extract product, it has efficacy of repelling, prevention and controlling of slugs. And it has natural organic fertilizer effects with bountiful nutrients.

    Eco-Slugs(English Name of ChamPegl) contains a substance that interferes with the mucous and salivary glands of slugs. Mucus secretion of the slug is disrupted, there by inhibiting its activity and movement. Best results are achieved when Eco-Slug comes into direct contact with the animal’s body or when ingestion takes place. This causes slugs to lose their ability to ingest food or reproduce. Eco-Slug is considered an environmentally friendly pesticide, as crops require less pesticide to achieve the same degree of Eco-Slug due to the product’s surfactant properties.
  • Target
  • PESTS TARGETED: Eco-slug is effective against all slugs: Acusta despecta Grey; Deroceras varians A.Adams; Incilaria confuse; Limax flavus Linnaeus; Deroceras reticulatum Muller; Mole Cricket; and Ants.

    At the beginning of slug infestation, use 4.7 to 6.3 mL (1 - 1 1/4 tsp.) of product with one gallon (1 gal.) of water in order to dilute Eco-slug. It can also be used in other quantities respecting the dilution rate of 1:800 – 1:600; product to water. After dilution, spray the product onto the plant leaf. In area applications, use 6.9 oz - 10.4 oz per acre of land. Do not apply prior to excessive rains since this may reduce product effectiveness.

How To Use

Content of product Dilution ratio Quantity of treatment Method
300ml 1:700 240L Foliar spray