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  • Features
  • ChamChungKyun derived from natural plant extracts is suitable for eco-friendly and organic usage.
    It kills on contact or ingestion. This causes larvae to lose their ability to ingest. Spray the product onto plant leaf or root zone.
    There is a contact poison against pests, acts as a repellent to inhibit eating, and has a higher effect on the subject that shows resistance to the drug. It inhibits spore germination, germination canal growth, adhesive formation and intrusion mycelium formation of pathogens, and exhibits excellent antagonism ability in plants, which is excellent in crop protection effect.
    No pesticide residue and it is an eco-friendly product that can be used even before shipment.
  • Target
  • All kinds of larvae of moth

How To Use

Content of product Dilution ratio Quantity of treatment Method
300ml 1:500 / 1:660 All growth stage Leaf spray