product infomation
  • ECO-Mildew
  • Features
  • Excellent control of powdery mildew

    It is a functional and environmentally friendly agricultural material that
    minimizes the disease damage by deactivating the growth and activities
    of various bottle spores such as white powder disease by using geraniol
    (Geraniol), a vegetable substance of natural herb extracted from geranium
    oil (Geranium oil), and various vegetable oils as the main ingredient.

    Authorized by governing authorities as an eco-friendly & organic agricultural
    material .
    No pesticides residue and safe to use right before harvesting time .
    Excellent effects on crop protection due to its antagonism ability
    Made of plant essential oil for eco-friendly plant.
  • Target
  • Mildew, Leaf mold

How To Use

Content of product Dilution ratio Quantity of treatment Method
500ml 1:1000 500L Leaf spray